Nikki Rousta

Eye Care for Recently Arrived Afghan Refugees in the GTHA

(Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area)

Taha Ismail & Nadien Eltayeb  

Does Introducing an Integrated Small Group Session on ‘Diabetes and Fasting’ Increase Participant Knowledge on Caring for Patients with Diabetes during Ramadan? 


Meerab Majeed (Undergraduate Student, McMaster University)

A Rapid Evaluation of Popup COVID-19 Clinics at Mosques in Canada: A Mixed
Methods Study 

Muhtashim Mian (Internal Medicine Resident, Western University)

Optimal Pacing for Cerebral perfusion Part 1: Elucidating Relationship Between Resting
Pacemaker Heart Rate and Pulse Pressure

Sarah Uddin (Medical Student, University College Cork)

A Comparison of Air Quality Between Exclusive Indoor Waterpipe Cafes and Cigarette
Smoking Venues: A Systematic Review

Uzair Khalid (Medical Student, University of Toronto)

Exploring Muslim Students’ Experience of Islamophobia, Discrimination, and
Opportunities in Medical School


Suffia Malik (Medical Student, Queen’s University)

The Experiences of Female Physicians and Nurses who wear Religious Headcoverings after Quebec’s Bill 21


Meh Noor (Medical Student, Western University)

Community Health Education for Refugees and Immigrants (CHERI) Clinic: A Free
Preventative Health Education Clinic for Newcomers without Health Insurance

Khalidha Nasiri (Medical Student, Western University)

Evaluating Social and Mental Health Outcomes of a Mentorship Program for
Refugee, Newcomer, and First-Generation Afghan Youth

Owais Mian (Medical Student, University of Ottawa)

Day: Exploring the long-term implications of an unsuccessful or disappointing


Muhanad Ali (Masters Student, York University)

Understanding the Socio-cultural Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Breast, Cervical, and Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Somalis in Canada – A Qualitative Research Study

Sarah Hanafi (Psychiatry Resident, McGill University)

Mental Health in Montreal’s Muslim Community

Shaimaa Helal and Emaad Mohammad (Medical Students, Queen’s University)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a “Muslims in Healthcare Symposium” on Improving Cultural Competence of Medical Students


Ameer Jarrar (Medical Student, Dalhousie University)

Primary Care Physicians Knowledge, Perceptions and Comfort Level in Managing Patients Fasting in Ramadan

Sidra Sarfaraz (Masters Student, University of Guelph)

Using Pharmaceuticals to Investigate Potential Mechanisms of Atrial Fibrillation in Heart Failure


Tarek Bin Yameen (Medical Student, University of Toronto)

Identifying the Ophthalmic Needs of the Syrian Refugee Population of Toronto & the Greater Toronto Area: A Pilot Study

Raafia Siddiqui (Masters in Global Health, McMaster University)

A comprehensive approach to health literacy: validating the All Aspects of Health Literacy (AAHLS) scale amongst Arabic-speaking adult Syrian refugees in Canada


Afrah Raza (Medical Student, University of Michigan)

HPV Screening among Muslim Canadian Immigrant Women

Ryhana Dawood (Medical Student, Western University)

Elder abuse in Muslim immigrant communities in Southwestern Ontario