Dr. Aleem Hussain, MD CCFP

President | Family Medicine and Palliative Care

Portfolios: Allied Healthcare

Dr. Asma Amjad, MD CCFP

Vice President | Family Medicine and Women's Health

Portfolios: Ottawa Chapter, Media Relations, Constitution and Policies

Dr. Majid Hussain, MD, CCFP

Secretary/Treasurer | Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Portfolios: IMG

Dr. Hassan Mir, MD, FRCPC

Director | Cardiology

Portfolios: Education, Awards, Continuing Medical Education

Dr. M. Hashim Khan, MBBS, FRCPC

Director | Respirology

Portfolios: Covid 19 Task Force, International Outreach Education, Community Education, Continuing Medical Education

Dr. Ahmed Faress, MD

Director | Public Health and Preventive Medicine Resident

Portfolios: Chapters, Membership

Dr. Arfeen Malick, MD, FRCPC

Director | Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Portfolios: Canadian Muslim Mental Health Conference, Community Outreach, Inspiring Muslim Minds (Psychoeducation in an Islamic Context)

Dr. Tanzila Basrin, MD, CCFP

Director | Family and Emergency Medicine

Portfolios: Women's Health Initiative, Community Outreach and Education

Dr. Balal Lone MD, CCFP

Director | Family and sports medicine

Portfolios: Mentorship, Networking

Dr. Zafir Syed, MD

Director | Diagnostic Radiology Resident

Portfolios: Communications

Dr. Noor Amin, MD, CCFP

Advisor | Family & Sports Medicine

Portfolios: Past Treasurer

Dr. Vajid Khan, MD, FRCPC

ADVisor | Interventional Radiology

Portfolios: Past President

Dr. Raza M. Naqvi, MD FRCPC

Advisor | Geriatrics

Portfolios: Bioethics, Finance, Past President