Muslim Mental Health Educational Resources

  • Inspiring Muslim Minds, Muslim Medical Association of Canada – Seminar Videos and Handouts: For Questions about Navigating Mental Health System, contact: community@muslimmeds.ca
  • Canadian Muslim Mental Health Conference: Canadian Muslim Mental Health Conference Videos
  • Institute of Muslim Mental Health: Information for therapists working with Muslim Patients. Information for Muslim patients on Mental Health
  • Maslaha: Mental Health Resources for Muslim
  • Talking from the Heart
  • Veil of Silence: Veil of Silence is a documentary featuring a variety of individuals and their experiences with mental illness in the Muslim community. The stigma of mental illness remains a taboo subject for the Muslim culture, with individuals hiding behind closed doors and struggling to endure firmly established societal norms of shame and ignorance. This documentary aims to break down cultural barriers and reconciles the notion that mental illness knows no sex,  race, age, religion or culture.

Muslim Community Counselling Services